Finding a fundraising company

Fundraising companies can literally determine the success of your fundraiser. The best fundraising company will make the experience profitable, enjoyable and easy but a bad company can make the fundraiser more difficult. Knowing what you need to consider can help you to choose a great provider for the first time around. The following are helpful tips to guide you on how to decide what companies to work with for a fundraiser.


Reputation is not everything, but when choosing a fundraising company it can be a great place to start with. Look for a company that has an established reputation working with fundraisers. You may talk to your friends and neighbors in your area to find out which fundraising company they work with. A company with a great reputation will always have the experience and skills necessary to help you gain success in the fundraising process. You can also ask your fundraising company for references if you want to talk with its past clients before making a commitment.


Does your chosen company offer a high-quality line of products? Value is very important to your target customers. For you to succeed, your customer should feel that they’re getting a good value for their investment.

Profit Margin

Profitability is another vital consideration when deciding on a fundraising company to work with. Each company determines the profit margin that they will give to you and you may find that profits can vary greatly from company to company. Most companies generally offer you a percentage of each sale. Look for a company that offers a higher percentage. Also, keep in mind that shipping, fees, handling charges, and other expenses may take away from your profit. Be sure to factor in these expenses when making you are making the comparison.

Customer Service

Fundraising may be difficult, but a great company can help you all through the entire process. As you compare different companies pay attention to the customer service that you receive. Are the customer service agents helpful? Is it easy to get someone when you need help? When you are faced with a certain problem you will want a fast and reliable source of answers. Shop around till you find a company with a great customer service team.

Some fundraising companies may assign you a sales agent who will work with your all through the entire process and will be there to answer any questions that you have.

Support Materials

When deciding on a fundraising company it is important that you take a look at any support materials they offer for instance product catalogs. A nice looking brochure can work to dramatically to increase your sales.

Product Variety

Selecting a fundraising company may a lot of work and thus you would not want to do it again the next time you organize a fundraiser. Look for a fundraising company that offers different types of fundraisers so that you can work with that same company each time you organize a fundraiser. Find a company that offers candy bars and treats, cookie dough, magazine sales, catalog products, and more. A company which offers product variety can make your next fundraiser much easier.

A fundraising company can take the worry out of you. These tips will help you to find a great company that will help you to plan a profitable fundraiser for you. Do not be afraid to research and compare several companies till you find the company that is right for you.






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