How to organize a marathon

A successfully planned and well-executed marathon can truly raise money and public awareness for a worthy cause. The particular logistics of planning a marathon differ depending on the kind of event. But, most of the information involved in planning as well as hosting less popular kinds of marathons are the same with those involved in planning a walk or run. This post explains How to organize a marathon successfully.

1. Decide on the primary objective and purpose of the marathon.

As soon as you have identified entity, charity, or cause to support, select a name for your event which is descriptive and can be easily remembered. Make sure you contact the organization you’ll be performing the event for you to see if they have any particular guidelines that you have to adhere.

2. Choose a location and a date for the event. If your location is popular, you may need to either have a few backup location or back up dates in mind.

For a walk or run, choose a course and measure distances carefully. Have both a long and a short version to accommodate participants of different degrees of fitness easily. Pay attention to challenges, obstacles, or safety hazards which may occur along the course and then plan accordingly.

3. Make a budget for the event. Research some similar events to find out estimated costs of different activities that can be included in the event. Determine how the event will be easily financed and of course, not forgetting the how much the cost will be. Make sure to include the administrative expenses like banners for a start as well as finish lines, advertising, refreshments, numbers for participants, trash cans, awards and portable bathroom facilities.

Calculate the amount of money you will need to raise and identify possible fundraising options, which include estimates of how much you’re expecting to raise from every funding source. Now, if you plan to solicit significant contributions in the form of some corporate sponsorships, begin discussions with the right corporate representatives as quick as possible since these negotiations always take time

4. Find out what licenses or any other permissions you’ll need. Determine what type of medical or/and liability insurance you’ll need and ensure that you have enough insurance coverage before the event. You may have to contact the fire department, public works, local police, the parks and recreation sections, and owners of private property.

5. Promote as well as market the event. Use posters, flyers, signs, press releases, word of mouth and brochures to spread the word. You can also benefit from social networking by producing buzz for the marathon networking sites. You may even like to set up a website or blog to publicize the event and to share updated information with your supporters.

6. Buy the items you will need for the event. These include the refreshments (especially bottled water for a walk or run), cups, numbers for the participants, trash bags/cans and t-shirts. Do not forget awards for the winners and you may also want to give a small gift of some type to thank your volunteers



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