What is a ribbon ride?

Types of Awareness Ribbons.

Over time, information tapes have become more popular, and now numerous tapes are available for reference, as people have to look for an elegant way to attract people’s attention and highlight the most critical issues for them. In this article, I present some of the traditional awareness tapes along with the reason they are related.

Gray Ribbon

Informed tapes, such as the gray ribbon, are an international symbol for awareness of diabetes, brain cancer, asthma and as a political statement. Sometimes it is also used for racing polls.

Pink Ribbon

Pink tape is a symbol of awareness of breast cancer. The pink ribbon expresses moral support for women suffering or who have breast cancer.

Silver ribbon

The silver ribbon is an easy way to express the common interests of people affected by brain disability or brain disorders. Usually, a silver ribbon is used for informed people about the need for state support, social support and emotional support with these people.

Autism Ribbon

The Autism tape was used to raise awareness of asymptomatic autism. They are used for wearing with shirts, pins and on the car bumper.

Green ribbon

The green ribbon is a symbol of bipolar disorder, / AIDS HIV testing, lymphoma, cerebral palsy, celiac disease, Gastroparesis, kidney cancer, and sometimes for legal forms of pornography and sexual content.

Pink and blue ribbon

Aware tapes, such as pink and blue tape, are symbols for the promotion of pregnancy and infantile loss, the integrity of the genitals, awareness of the prevalence of breast cancer, male awareness of testicular cancer, and also for Pro-life presentations about intact dilatation and extraction.

Teal Tape

Teal is worn to increase awareness of ovarian cancer, polycystic kidney disease, gynecological cancer, polycystic ovary syndrome, awareness of Gravis’ myasthenia, and sometimes awareness and support for sexual violence. Teal tapes are also used to support tsunami victims, congenital diaphragmatic hernia, Batten’s disease and anti-bullying.

Light blue ribbon

The blue ribbon is a symbol of support for prostate cancer, Behcet’s disease, Addison’s disease and for lymphedema.

Purple Tape

The purple ribbon is worn as a symbol to pick up various reasons, such as; Eating disorders, Pulmonary hypertension, Thyroid cancer, Overdose prevention, Fibromyalgia, Family violence, Pediatric stroke, Macular degeneration, Epilepsy, Pancreatic cancer, Firefighters in forest lands, Crohn’s disease, Cystic fibrosis, Animal abuse, Ulcerative colitis, lupus , Huntington’s disease, Proportional representative voting system for elections in the UK, gastrointestinal cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, xenophobia and homophobia (Austria, 2009), b domnost, religious tolerance and victims of 9/11

White Ribbon

The white tape represents different values ​​that depend on the context. For example, if we mix it with other colors, it is a political movement to speak for their name for a reason. Sometimes they are presented on clothes, posters and sheets. The white ribbon also represents women’s rights and was also adopted by the Women’s Union of the Christian Faith in 1873. It is also a non-sectarian organization and uses a bow, not a “memory,” which, in their opinion, symbolizes purity.

Red ribbon

Like the White Ribbon, the red ribbon has different meanings depending on the context. These information tapes are mostly known for their solidarity with people suffering from AIDS. The Red Ribbon also represents information about the prevention of drug addiction, tobacco use and alcohol effects for society.

Yellow Ribbon

The yellow ribbon is a symbol of Freedom. He also supports the troops in the missions, shows solidarity with the peoples affected by the unrest and chaos. In Japan, it is used in the Medal of Honor, which is a recognition for professionals who are becoming role models for society. The yellow ribbon is also known as a symbol of press freedom and is also used to represent information about suicide. In the US, it is a symbol of hostage support, which was conducted by Iran in the US Embassy.

Orange Ribbon

In Tibet, an orange ribbon is an icon of awareness of human rights. They also bear the designation of the International Day of the United Nations for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. In a few other countries, the orange ribbon is a symbol of the Day of Harmony and Cultural Diversity. Orange ribbon is also a symbol of racial tolerance.



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